The Ultimate Guide for Parents to Get Started with Prenda

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Welcome to Prenda!

Hi, I’m Felila, and I work at Prenda. I help thousands of parents like you enroll their children in our tuition-free microschools. In this guide, I will walk you through how to find a microschool and enroll your kids—start to finish. 

But before we get into that…

The big question is, why enroll in Prenda? What makes Prenda great? What makes our microschools so unique? And how can Prenda help your child love school again? Instead of repeating things that have already been said, I thought I could tell a story from a current Prenda parent in Arizona, Lindsey Drew. Her story is incredible. 

My little guy has always been bold, kind, outspoken, brave, and funny. When he started kindergarten, he became quiet and anxious and didn't seem to be learning much. He struggled, and then the pandemic hit. I didn’t know what to do. But then, I found out about Prenda from a friend. My son got his spark back! He started Prenda for second grade, and I am beyond impressed. The way the day is laid out is just what he needs! His Guide knows him! She cares about how he learns best!

Image featuring Lindsey Drew with her eight microschool students.

My favorite part of this job is that I get to talk to parents after their child has started to experience Prenda. I love hearing how their children grew into kind, motivated people who care about the world around them. Parents share stories with me about how their kids have made lifelong friends, found a new passion for learning, and felt safe and supported.

This is why I do what I do! And it’s not just the story of one Prenda parent. It’s the story of thousands who have enrolled their children in Prenda. Read more stories at


Okay, so that’s the reason why. Now, let’s talk about how you can enroll your kids in a Prenda Microschool.


Everything you need to know about finding a microschool and enrolling your children

Not every parent follows the same path at Prenda… While some parents immediately find a microschool using our microschool map, it often takes a little bit more time to find the perfect fit for your child. And, that’s okay! We want for you what you want for your child—to find a Prenda Guide that is patient, kind, and works well with your unique learner.

With hundreds of individuals applying to become Guides weekly and new ones being added to the map regularly, we are confident you will find the perfect Guide. In this resource, we’ll walk you through how parents find a Guide and enroll their students in Prenda. It’s essential to read this entire resource so you know all of your options. And remember, finding the perfect Guide for your children can take as little as a few minutes or as long as a few months. 


Keep in mind, you can (and should) start the enrollment process before finding a Guide. Parents I speak with often get caught up trying to find a microschool without having started the enrollment process, and sometimes feel frustrated. But finding a microschool doesn’t have to be your step one. So I’ll say it again to relieve any pressure: 

You don’t need a Guide to enroll in Prenda.

Starting enrollment now means you will be all set and ready to go once you find a Guide you like. Since finding a Guide can take much more time than our enrollment process (enrolling only takes about 30 minutes!), it makes sense to get this initial step taken care of first. 


Plus, there is no commitment involved in enrolling your child. We are confident you will be able to find a Guide that suits your child(ren) perfectly. Next, we’ll talk about the enrollment process, or you can skip to read all the ways to find a microschool (hint: there are more ways than our microschool map)

Enroll in Prenda 

We made it super easy to enroll your child in Prenda through our enrollment portal. You can start the enrollment process by clicking on this link. Don’t worry… I’m not leaving yet. I’ll walk you through the entire enrollment process below. Pro tip: Keep this blog post open in one tab and the enrollment portal in another. You can flip back and forth as you are filling out information. 

Create an account at

Simply click the sign-up link, and fill out some basic information about yourself to create your account.

Add basic information for each child. 

Click add a student and fill out basic information for each child. You’ll be asked about your child's age, date of birth, grade level, and state of residence. Super simple!

Start enrollment for your child. 

Fill out the prompts listed in this section. Each prompt will have an explanation and should be self-explanatory. If you need help selecting a program, click on learn more for details. 

If you have a Prenda Guide, add their Guide code.

You'll be asked to provide basic information about your child and upload a few documents. Then, you can select your Guide by entering their unique 6-digit code. Most parents won’t have a Guide yet, so simply check the box that says I will enter my Guide code later. If you already have a Guide, reach out to the Guide you decided on and ask them for their Guide code. This tells us which microschool you are enrolling your child in. 

*Remember: You can start enrollment without finding a Guide. Enrolling without a Guide will give you an advantage once you find a Guide you love, as you can enroll faster. 

Register with Prenda and our partner. 

The final steps are registering your child with your selected partner and us. These are slightly more lengthy, but shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes. It will be easy to follow along. If you have questions, contact us via email at or (844) 477-3632.

And that’s it! 

You’ve enrolled your student in a Prenda Microschool. Keep an eye out for status updates via email. We’ll let you know when we’ve processed your enrollment or if we need additional info. 

All the ways to find a microschool near you

As we discussed, finding a microschool is something you should do after you start enrollment, so make sure to enroll if you haven’t already. As you probably know, Prenda has created a microschool map—a way for parents to visualize and get more information on microschools in their area. Not only can you view photos of their microschool space and read about their schedule and qualifications, but you can also start a conversation with any of our Guides. The most important thing when visiting the map is finding a Guide who’s a good fit for your child. They’re parents, educators, and caring individuals from different backgrounds with different skill sets and approaches. 

If you are looking at microschools, click on a microschool you are interested in and send them a message to start the conversation. They LOVE hearing from parents! 

If Guides are in an area with a lot of parent interest, they may get a lot of inquiries. Don’t give up. Let’s talk about what to do if you can’t find Guides or aren’t hearing back. 

If Guides are in an area with a lot of parent interest, they may get a lot of inquiries. Don’t give up. Let’s talk about what to do if you can’t find Guides or aren’t hearing back.

Can't find a Guide near you? Not hearing back? Here's what to do.

We wish we could tell you that the first time you check the microschool map, you will immediately find the perfect microschool for your child. However, that’s not the case for a majority of our parents. 

Sometimes all of the microschools in your area are full or aren’t currently accepting students. Other times, the microschools in your area don’t serve the grade level you’re searching for. Depending on where you live, there might not be any microschools in your area. It can take time and diligent searching to find the right fit. 

But, the most amazing thing happens when parents can’t find a Guide right away…

They make it happen! They are determined to find the best option for their child to succeed in life, and that doesn’t always come super easily. Still, when they discover that just-right fit and see their child light up with excitement and inspiration, it’s worth it. After talking to several Prenda parents, I’ve rounded up some of the most common methods they use when looking for Guides. 

Option 1. Join our state Facebook groups.

First, get started on enrollment. Next, don’t forget to regularly check your email, as we will send notifications for new microschools in your state. Finally, join our state Prenda Facebook groups. We created Facebook groups for parents to connect with soon-to-be and current Guides. You will find new Guides posting about their microschools, parents asking if anyone is interested in becoming a Guide in their area, and hundreds of future Prendies talking. 

Simply post your student's ages and the area you are looking for a Guide in and see the response you get. You can also browse new upcoming Guides who are posting in the group as well. Here’s an example of Kim, a Prenda parent posting in these groups asking if there are Guides in the area. 

Make sure to comment and engage with Guides posting from your area. Below I included a great example of a Guide posting about her microschool in the New Hampshire Facebook group. Make sure to check the group and post about your kids often. This helps potential Guides see that there are kids in their area and continue to get on the map.

Thousands of soon-to-be Guides, like Becky, are looking for students in these groups. Many of these Guides are not yet on the map, but they are already filling spaces for when their microschool opens. We believe in YOU and your ability to bring this engaging learning experience to your child. 


We are also announcing new microschools that are added to the map in the groups every Wednesday, and we post a thread every Monday to connect parents and Guides. In short, the Facebook Groups are a great tool to find a microschool! Have questions for us? Register for an event or reach out to us at 

Option 2: I bet you know someone who’d make a perfect Guide

Sometimes, parents need to go the extra mile to bring Prenda to their community; especially in areas where Prenda is less known. The great news is that we believe in you and have seen countless parents make this happen for their kids. 

Do you know of a parent or caring individual who has a heart for kids and would make a perfect Guide? Start by discussing Prenda in your life with the people around you. You might find someone amazing in your neighborhood, church, local library, or community center. Wherever you go, share your excitement about Prenda. Stop for a moment and create a list of family members, friends, and neighbors who you trust.  Then, give them a call and talk to them about this opportunity.

You’d be surprised at how many parents find Guides for their children.

Even if you don’t find a Guide from this, you might find more interested parents to rally behind your Guide search. You could also share Prenda on your social media. Remember that you have the power to make this happen. Your community and your children will thank you. 

A lot of our parents choose to host events to share about Prenda. This is a phenomenal way to share about Prenda, connect with other parents in your community, and find a Prenda Guide! But, I know hosting an event can be a bit scary. That’s why I put together a video that contains everything you need to know to host a meaningful and worthwhile event. Check it out below!

Head to our assets page for flyers, social media graphics, and more that you can print or share digitally to get the word out during your search! Also, if you find someone from your community who you trust to guide your kids, AND they officially become a Guide, Prenda will give you a $300 gift for referring them! ‍You must first create an account and share your referral link. For more information about our referral program, click here.

Option 3. Maybe you don’t need to find a Guide. Perhaps YOU are the Guide. 

Alright, your turn. I have a few questions for you… Do you want more time with your kids? Do you want the chance to earn a living in the comfort of your own home, while watching your kids learn and grow up? Do you believe your kids deserve to learn in a safe, loving, encouraging, and supportive environment? 

If you answered yes, I know you’d make an excellent Guide. And we’d love to have you. Let’s address the thought that just flashed in your head… Hold on a minute! I couldn’t lead a microschool from my home. I’m not a certified teacher! Well, did you know that more than 80% of our Prenda Guides are parents, like you, who wanted a better opportunity for their children and other kids in their community. Prenda Guide, Heather Long, is a great example. She was an Arizona parent who worked as a public school counselor before becoming a Guide. Here’s a little snippet from her story…

Last August, I went to a Prenda meeting and loved everything I heard but was unsure about leaving my job and pulling my kids from public school. I was nervous that I didn't have what it took to teach, and leaving the only system I knew seemed scary and crazy. I decided to look into being a Guide, but I did not think I would go through with it. But the more I learned about Prenda through the onboarding process, the more it felt like the right thing to do, both for my kids and me.

Heather's microschool doing a collaborate activity.

In early December, we made the jump, and I started a microschool with my own two children and four additional learners. My students love coming to school every day so much that going home is the most challenging transition. They have developed new friendships and still get to see their old friends at sports and on the weekends. I am not sure who has grown more, them or me. I find that my life has slowed down to a pace where I can be present and enjoy every moment. I have grown to love the challenge of guiding. In these small moments, I often pause and think, "Happy! I'm so happy!". Thank you to Prenda for offering this life-changing experience.

You can read Heather’s full story here

Heather made this leap because she wanted something better for her kids. We believe there are lots of parents like Heather, like YOU, who want the same thing. 

Click here to learn more about becoming a Prenda Guide.

Click here to read blog, Homeschool Mom to Prenda Guide.

Take the time to visit some Guides!

So, you’ve spent the past month looking for guides and started enrollment. You’ve joined and engaged in our Facebook groups, reached out to your local community, checked the map weekly, and…

You found the perfect Guide or maybe even a few different options. Now, it’s time to schedule times to meet them. Be sure to bring your children with you when you visit their microschool location. If the school year has already started, ask that they be included in the day so they can try Prenda on for size. Below, I’ve included some questions and topics to discuss with them. 


 Pro tip: Ask your Guide-to-be for their 6-digit Guide code when you find a match. You’ll need this at some point during the enrollment process. 

Start with why you are there. 

  • Tell them about your child—their strengths, talents, learning style, struggles, and all the beautiful things unique to them.
  • If your student has learning difficulties, talk through those and explain the environment you think would be best for them. 
  • Share what you hope your child will gain from this experience. 

Then, ask about the essentials.

  • How do you make sure that every child feels valued?
  • How will you support my child in receiving the attention they need?
  • How will you monitor their academic progress? 
  • How do you address behavior concerns, build community amongst the group, and support social-emotional development? 
  • How will you create a learning environment that is both challenging and fun? 
  • What does a typical day look like for your microschool students?

Finish by asking about the little details.

  • What are your school hours?
  • What do you do if you cannot teach a class on a given day? Do you have a substitute?
  • How often should I expect to hear from you regarding my child and their academic progress?
  • How often and by what mode of communication will you inform me about what’s happening in the microschool (daily activities, upcoming events, etc.)?
  • What are your microschool policies?
  • What is the attendance policy? 
  • What commitments do you require from parents?
  • Do you allow/expect parent involvement (volunteering in class, field trips, etc.)? What does that look like? 
  • Do you take field trips? How often and how do you facilitate them?

Let’s recap

First, start enrollment. The earlier you enroll, the easier the process is further down the line. Remember: enrollment can be done before you find a Guide or if you already have a Guide in mind! Next, find a Guide! Head over to the microschool map to look for Guides in your area. If you don’t see a good fit, or any microschools in your area, don’t panic! Remember the three options?

  1. Keep checking the microschool map, as new Guides are added often. 
  2. Join our Facebook groups to network with parents and Prenda Guides. 
  3. Find a Guide by reaching out to people you know that might be interested.
  4. Become a Guide! Maybe you don’t need to find a Guide. Perhaps you are the Guide. 

Lastly, after you find a Guide, take the time to visit some microschools to ensure it truly is a good fit! And, remember, if you initially enrolled without a Guide, go back and add your Guide’s code to the enrollment portal. Log in at and enter the Guide code. We know this can be a lot, but you will be grateful you put yourself out there and made it happen for your child. I know that Emily Mckintosh, a prenda parent, certainly was…

“Three years ago, I was looking for a different education option for my son, Mo. I enrolled Mo in a Prenda Microschool—a tuition-free education option for K-8 students here in Arizona. Mo was forever changed. He was thrilled to be a part of this small-group setting where he could work at his own pace, collaborate with others, and get one-on-one support.”

If you feel like you want or need additional information, clarification, or feel like there’s something we missed in this resource, send us an email at 

Wishing you all the best as you and your child embark on your Prenda journey together!