How many of you have told yourself, “I’m not good enough. I’m not smart enough. I’ll never get it.” 

How many of you have thought, “well, I just wasn’t born with that ability, talent, or gift.”

How many of you won’t try new things because failure hurts too much?

If we are honest with ourselves, we’ve all thought or felt that. These thoughts are what researchers call a fixed mindset. And today, in episode 005 of Leveling Up, we will pull back the curtain of our fixed mindset and explore these thoughts to figure out how we can replace them with ideas that will help us grow because none of us have to stay stuck in a fixed mindset. 

Instead, we can change our mindset to think, “I am becoming stronger because of this.” “Hard is good.” and “I can figure this out.”  That is a growth mindset, and that is Prenda’s third component of empowerment. Why? Because we can only do as much as we think we can. And today, the empowered learner we are focusing on is you and me. 

Join me as we discuss four clear, actionable steps that you can start today to create a growth mindset within yourself.

Are you ready to unlock your inner potential? 

Let's level up!