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Treasure Hunt Reading

Prenda’s Treasure Hunt Reading is a simple program to help children learn the basics of reading and writing. Children watch fun videos and complete the exercises at their own pace to become excited readers.

A group of three female students smiling at the camera with their Treasure Hunt Reading workbooks held in front of them.

How to get started

Prenda enrolled students use this fantastic Program in their microschools, but we want to share it with the whole world for free! If your kids aren't enrolled with Prenda but you'd like to use Treasure Hunt Reading, follow these 3 simple steps...

  1. Download the complete workbook for free HERE and print as you go or take it to your favorite local print shop
  2. Watch this video for an overview of how to use the Program

    3. Go to treasurehunt.prenda.co to start your treasure hunt! (make sure this link takes you to the student-facing page, not the "for helpful adults" page.

Interested in Prenda but don't see a position that's a good fit? Email us at prenda@jobs.workablemail.com and we will save your info!

Ready to get started?

This is a great opportunity to support a Prenda Microschool and make a difference in the lives of young learners in your community.

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