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Microschool Location Requirements

Student and Guide safety is a top priority at Prenda. Each microschool site is inspected by Prenda during the interview process to ensure it meets all mandatory safety requirements, detailed below.

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The microschool site must maintain all physical safety requirements and safety precautions for guests and visitors over the course of the entire academic year. Failure to maintain site safety may result in closure of a site. 

Please note that Prenda will not approve the Guide applicant nor authorize a microschool site until the site inspection has been successfully completed. Prenda retains the right to alter, modify, or revoke any safety or physical requirement at any time. Such changes shall be communicated to all Guides should they occur.

Physical Requirements

The Guide may choose any physical space for their microschool assuming it meets the following safety criteria. Examples of microschool sites include, but are not limited to, a personal residence (the Guide’s or someone else’s home), an office, a church, a public library, or a recreation center. 

General Microschool Requirements 

The site must provide: 

  • 25+ square feet of space per student (e.g., 250 square feet for a microschool of ten students)
  • This does not include bathrooms, hallways, closets, or bedrooms
  • Two (2) fire extinguishers, one in the kitchen (if applicable) and one accessible in the primary site space, which have a minimum UL Rating of 2A:10B:C
  • Smoke detector(s) in every area of the microschool site
  • Clean drinking water accessible to all students
  • Heat and air conditioning
  • Comfortable seating for all students
  • A bathroom dedicated for microschool student use that is accessible from the common space

The Guide is responsible for ensuring the site is: 

  • Clean
  • WiFi accessible
  • A Prenda-provided router is installed that filters the internet for students
  • Secure from any drugs, alcohol, or other medication
  • Alcohol is locked and stored in a secure location at all times
  • Prescription medication and other legal drugs are locked and stored in a secure location at all times
  • Illegal drugs are not permitted on the premises
  • Secure from any weapons 
  • Weapons are locked and stored in a secure location, undisclosed to students, at all times
  • Secure from other hazardous materials like chemicals and sharp objects at all times

Animal Considerations

If pets or other animals live on site, the Guide will disclose this information to parents prior to enrollment. 

Pool Considerations

Any pool, hot tub, jacuzzi, or other bodies of water must be fenced, secured, and locked during microschool hours. Specifically, there must be a wall, fence, or barrier located between the swimming pool (or other contained body of water) and the area where the microschool operates that has:  

  • A height of at least four feet;
  • No openings through which a spherical object four inches in diameter can pass;
  • A gate that opens outward from the pool and is self-closing and self-latching;
  • No openings, handholds, or footholds accessible from the exterior side of the enclosure that students can use to climb the wall, fence, or barrier; and
  • A distance of at least twenty inches from the water's edge.
  • Doors with double locks, self-closing hinges, and alarms are insufficient. 

Alternatively, the pool or body of water may be secured with either: 

  • A motorized safety pool cover that requires a key switch and meets the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards in F1346-91; or 
  • A professionally installed net system that meets safety standards.

In the case of an above-ground swimming pool, the pool must have: 

  • Non-climbable exterior sides, which are a minimum height of four feet; and 
  • Access ladders or steps that are removable and able to be secured away from the pool when the pool is not in use.

Rented Space Considerations

If the microschool site is rented by the Guide, the Guide will obtain written permission from the landlord or property manager before the microschool is authorized. If your space is rented, please complete the Rented Space Approval Form and submit it to support@prenda.co.

Visitors and Cohabitants 

Guides keep daily visitor logs and submit these logs each week to Prenda. In some cases, based on the purpose and type of visit, a visitor will be background checked by Prenda. All adults 18+ who live at the location of the microschool are required to pass a background check.  Prenda covers the cost of all background checks.

Prenda Visits

Guides agree to allow unannounced home visits from Prenda staff at any time during school hours.

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