Laura Player

"I love being a Prenda Guide! I have seen my students grow academically and emotionally."

Stay-at-home parent
Toni Miranda

"The thing about Prenda is that I don't have to know everything. My role is simply to empower kids."

Former homeschool parent
Beth Garcia

"My students are now invested in their education because it is a topic that they have chosen."

Former teacher

Our guides

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Onboarding and Support

Meaningful work
Access daily support
Connect with other Guides

Empowering learners is a team effort! Prenda provides Guides with a comprehensive onboarding experience, curriculum, learning model, core values, support, and a community of other Guides. This enables them to focus on what is most important, to open amazing microschools and change kids' lives. 

  • Facilitate an incredible learning experience
    Monitor student progress and development
    Help students become empowered learners
A Prenda Guide performs a demonstration to her microschool students while they gather around a table outside.

Flexible Environment 

Guides get to create safe and inviting spaces for learning and connection to take place. Most Prenda Microschools are held in a Guide’s home, but we’ve seen all sorts of innovative location alternatives that meet Prenda’s site requirements.

  • A parent’s home
    Dance studio
    Community space
    Karate studio
    Camp facility
An example of a safe and inviting learning space created by a Prenda Guide.Arts and crafts made by microschool students are displayed all around this Guide's home.An example of a Prenda Guide's work-from-home office space.Students in this at-home microschool point and smile at each other while playing a game.

Paid Opportunity

16-25 hours weekly
Groups of 5-10 students
Pay varies by location

Every community is unique, so no two microschools look the same. Pay is determined by time commitment, grade level, state, and number of students. Most groups of students span three grade levels, but not always. Find out more by selecting your state below.

  • 16-25 hours per week
    Groups of 5-10 students
    Pay varies by location
Guides can create a microschool in their home, as shown by this Guide smiling to the camera in her kitchen.